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Point Motors 

 5 "/  7 ¼“ / 10 ¼“ fully waterproof to ( ip 65)  point motor housed in a purpose made aluminium or plastic abs  box.
 These are  slip through point units allowing  trains to run in the opposite direction.

They will all connect to our route indicator



LMR 1  is a basic version no box ,with all fittings inc dp/dt switch
and can be linked to signals ect £ 69 inc p&p


LMR 2 Box made up inc  dp/dt switch £ 89 inc p&p


LMR 3    As LMR 2 inc remote switch this   Will allow points to be changed as the driver approaches the points
 by him or another person .  £ 105 inc p&p.



Track route indicater .

These are made to suite your track point turnout green or white led lights .

8mm s/s rod gives a 25mm movement. LMR 1 and 2 require a double pole double throw switch to be wired  by your self ( 6 crimp connecters   are  supplied)
and will require 4 core cable  one pair to power supply and one to the point box



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